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About the Journey

In the build up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup in London, Official Logistics Sponsor DHL Express will be setting out on a grand and ambitious journey to pass a single rugby ball from hand to hand through 45 countries, over 45 weeks, starting in Cape Town and ending in London. Driving across all these countries, every step of the journey, every person, every place and every pass will be captured on film, in photographs and words and then shared with Africa and the world. DHL Express. Delivering Africa As One!

Route Map. Track the team's progress through Africa. All 45 weeks.

The Team


Louise Otter

Team Captain

Louise has travelled extensively around the world since leaving school. Now based in Cape Town Louise, who works for the Treble Group, has been working for the past 14 years with Western Province And Springbok Rugby running their Supporter programs.

In addition to the rugby, Louise has visited 34 countries in Sub Saharan Africa for DHL, activating their Manchester United Partnership. This firsthand knowledge and the contacts made in each country has helped Louise as team leader to plan this exciting Africa as one 11 month trip to the UK.



Director, Photographer, Cameraman & Blogger

Born in Zimbabwe raised in Cape Town the son of a writer / chef. Colours, food and stories have been a part of my life from the jump. I felt drawn to story telling at an early age when I realised my flight or fight stories sounded better when I retold them with a pinch of Mealie meal and a dose of new flavors.

I’ve directed many TV shows including Seskhona where I was the sole director with a weekly viewership of 3 million. This new adventure will see me realise my true loves potential. AFRICA!



DIT & Editor

Editor, photographer, aspiring filmmaker, born in Johannesburg and raised in Cape Town. Found a love for storytelling at a young age. After completing matric my choice of what to study was obvious, filmmaking came calling.

Since then I’ve edited hundreds of promos under the company rapid blue…my latest adventure is “Africa as one” and I look forward to being part of a small percentage that gets to travel and engage with this beautiful continent as we will.


Mohau Ralekhetla

Mercy Ships Optometrist

Mohau is an Optometrist who has been employed by Mercy Ships for the past 3 years. He has served in both the private and public sector during his career and visited multiple African countries during this time.

He is passionate about community eye healthcare and believes that this project will give him access to areas and communities that can benefit from his services.

John Rae, the Managing Director of Mercy Ship described Mohau as being a dedicated and strong willed individual who always has the best interest of his patients at heart.


Jaco Hoon


After quite some time in the Military I decided to pursue possibilities in the Private Industry Sector.

I have done extensive protection work in the Middle East and Africa and I have been working for Focus Africa for the past 3 years when needed on specific contracts.

I have a total of 20 years experience in the Security and Risk Management industry and I am very proud off my work and accomplishments.

Most recently, I have escorted and provided security for a diplomatic research team in Mozambique, which was a huge success.




After twelve year in the military I decide to pursue another career whereby I joined the corporate world with Enlightened Aviation Security Force at Johannesburg International Airport.

Two years later I was a member of Overseas Security Service in the DRC mine area.

Seven years after that, I pursued my career further and joined Pathfinder Ltd and later emerged into Focus-Africa till present.