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Day 181

For the past few days we have been promoting our our journey at Canary Wharf station in London. It’s just a few days now before the start of the World Cup and we all feel super nostalgic. The magnitute of the journey we have just been on is starting to sink in and we all feel rather proud, a bit sad that it’s over, but proud none the less.

To put the journey into perspective, Louise our team leader has put together a list of some pretty amazing stats:

Km covered to UK (approx)

Road: 59,788km

Air: 10,988km

Sea: 78km

Total: 70,854km

Hours driven: 856

Tanks of fuel used (approx): 478

New tyres: 19

New rims: 3

Rim repairs: 4

Windscreen replacements: 5

New compressors: 4

Unique countries visited: 43 (including Western Sahara as a country)

(We visited 8 of these countries twice so the country total is actually 51)

Border crossings: 102 (no wonder I have grey hair!)

Different hotels: 184

Nights spent in the jungle of the DRC: 8

Police stops (approx): 350

Stationary donated: 497,040 items (we still have 36,000 items left to give out around the World Cup so the total will be 533,040)

Eyes Tests performed: 4147

Pairs of Glasses Given out: 3825

Kids attending the Tag Rugby Clinics: 3370

Customers attending our Functions: 4453

Malaria tests: 9

Confirmed cases of Malaria: 2 (Unlucky!)

Barber visits: 30

Cans of drink consumed: 16,170 (only half was beer I swear)

Rugby ball passes: 8199

Half Chickens eaten: 630 (the boys really like their chicken)

Even we were surprised when we saw this list and realised that we owed ourselves a fitting full stop to the story. So, we decided to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner to celebrate. We decided to go big and headed over to one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants. As I’m sure you can imagine, the food was amazing! A just reward for all our hard work over the last 11 months.

Now (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) the time has come for us to say our last goodbyes. As a team, we would like to thank DHL for giving us the opportunity to go on this once in a life time journey. A big thank you must also be said to the agency behind this campaign, 7DKS. This was your baby and I hope we did you proud. We’d also like to thank our other partners Landrover, Trebble, Mercy Ships and Hammersmith & Elephant for all their support. And of course we would like to thank all the loyal DHL fans and customers who followed and supported this journey. It has been a journey that has changed us all and we will never forget it, as long as we live. We really hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

This is Ndumiso Sibanda and the DHL AfricaAsOne team signing out for the last time. The final whistle has blown. I wish I had some profound ending, but words fail me and a simple thanks and goodbye will have to do.

P.S. We’re behind you Bokke! Bring home that trophy!

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