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Rugby, music and good people.

28 March 2015, Congo

DHL has a very large footprint in Africa. Today we shake the hands of some of the local customers here in Point Noire and thank them for their loyalty and their business. Laughter hit the ears of all who attended this week’s rugby clinic. The sun was beating down and sweat rolled down the sides […]



Eye Clinic

27 March 2015, Congo

Today Mohau saw a patient who proceeded to start crying when she found out that he is from South Africa. We were all a bit confused as to why she was crying, until she told us that her son has been working there for the last few months. To be separated from the ones we […]



Point Noire Baby!

25 March 2015, Congo

Point Noire is the second largest city in the Congo with a population of over 700,000 people. Beyond being the Commercial capital of Congo, this city has a mysterious beauty that I can’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps it’s the subtle French influence that can still be felt through the textures of the city […]