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The eye clinic.

21 March 2015, DRC

Muhau was testing eyes today. Usually I’m engrossed in watching him work and seeing the joy he brings, but today was somehow extra special. I was really taken by the beauty and pride of the people and their dress. Out of all the African countries and cities we have visited so far, I must say […]



The DRC’s rising star

20 March 2015, DRC

African Music is starting to feature heavily on world charts and breathing new life into the dance scene. If you have not heard of a gent named Fabregas, who comes from the DRC, then you should probably do an Internet search right now and find out what you’ve been missing. All over this country you can […]



A trip downtown.

19 March 2015, DRC

Today we took a drive through downtown Kinshasa. We arrived at a local open-air market. African print clothing enhanced the individual beauty, as each person we saw stood bold in his or her favorite colour or design. It’s clear that Africans represent their soulful essence as uniquely through fashion as they do through their music. Both […]



At home in Kinshasa.

18 March 2015, DRC

The first day in every country is always about searching. Searching for faces, searching for places, searching for an identity that does not come from a post card or a travel advisor. Kinshasa is our home for the week. With a population of over 9 million people there is a definite buzz in the air. […]