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All is good in Libreville.

4 April 2015, Gabon

We sit together as a team, sipping drinks and laughing away the day on a beautiful beach in Libreville…all is good. It’s Easter Sunday and a family sits on a rock not far from us, enjoying their time together. We’re all reminded of our own families at home and of the bonds we have formed […]



Doing some good.

3 April 2015, Gabon

“My life is not important to me, but other people life important. My life is only important if I can help plenty people. If my life is just me, my one security, then me no want it. My life is for people.”  Bob Marley Today we visited an orphanage and gave Rugby balls to the […]



Bonjour Librerville!

2 April 2015, Gabon

The largest city of Gabon, Libreville has a population of 800 000 and is the capital of this beautiful land. Driving around this city you get the sense that it’s got heavy French swag. You can see it in the people; in the way they dress, the way they talk, the food they like and […]