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Island children.

27 February 2015, Madagascar

So far what has stood out most for me in Madagascar is the kids. Everywhere you look there are children running, climbing trees, making mischief and playing soccer on any piece of flat ground they can find. The easy pace of life on this island has created an environment where children can truly enjoy their […]



Seafood in Madagasgcar.

26 February 2015, Madagascar

Today we woke up really early to go and visit the EPP ISahafa School near Ambohimanga. It was a scorcher of a day, but still the enthusiastic kids lined up to receive their stationary from the AfricaAsOne team. It might be hard for some people to believe, but something as small as new stationery can […]



Can I take one home?

25 February 2015, Madagascar

The sweet morning hustle and bustle of this place is like watching a new story unfold every day. Despite the challenges that this country faces, there is a saying in the Malagasy language which goes “I’d rather Die tomorrow than die today.” This means that movement is constant and to be still is to give […]



Schools in session.

24 February 2015, Madagascar

Today we visited a school called Epp Ivandry. School is important to every developing nation… Actually scratch that, school is important to every individual on the planet! While some might argue that it’s where you get your education from that is the ultimate key, the bright kids at Epp are proof that you don’t need […]