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Mauritian food!

15 February 2015, Mauritius

Mauritians can cook! Let me just say that again, Mauritians can really cook! Today we visited a place in Mahebourg called Restaurant LaVielle Rouge. The interesting thing about this restaurant is that it is built on the water. As I’m sure you can imagine, the surrounding vista was breathtaking! We didn’t go to the restaurant […]



A message to the youth – or from the youth?

14 February 2015, Mauritius

On a long journey you meet a lot of people and you see a few things – and you tend to get contemplative from time to time. I’ve tried to note some of my thoughts and realisations that I had while watching the kids at the rugby clinic – and I’m not sure who Im […]



Mauritius you’re real!

6 February 2015, Mauritius

Today I tagged along with Mohau (our optometrist) who was setting off to help people in Beau-Vallon, a village located in the Grand Port district near the airport. With a population of just 7000 people, the first thing I noticed was the strong sense of community in the village and the narrow maze-like streets – […]