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6 March 2015, Namibia

We’ve arrived in the beautiful capital Windhoek. Looking at the people here, one gets a great sense of individuality without competition. Architects stand unopposed by convention as this blank canvas becomes more and more populated and everywhere you look, cranes can be seen hard at work. I bumped into a lovely fashion designer named Sara […]



Summit of a sand dune.

5 March 2015, Namibia

As we make our way to the capital city, Windhoek, splendid sand dunes surround us and the sun creeps up behind them. We stopped to hike up a huge dune, which takes us almost an hour. Our feet dig into the hot sand and then are instantly cooled under its surface, each footstep getting more […]



Desert of dreams.

4 March 2015, Namibia

We’ve been driving through the desert the whole day with the sun at our backs. Superman’s dad once told him that his skin had drunken in the earth’s sun, which is much younger than that of Krypton, and over the years on earth it had strengthened his abilities. As a child I read this and […]



A subjective scope in the desert of you by you.

3 March 2015, Namibia

Guest blogger- Michael Kagiso You entered the desert without a thought…the heat engulfed you and the truth bore down. All the books you had always read about Namibia had failed to truly articulate the kiss of the sun or the sting of its love bite, it made you smile because you had endured the thrashing […]