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Ugandans love their Rugby

10 December 2015, Uncategorized

On Saturdays we hold a function to say thank you to the DHL customers, and of course to teach local kids the game of rugby. This week’s event was held at an intimate little venue in Kampala. The customers and kids came out in their droves and it turned out to be quite an epic […]



The Mad Market of Happy People and Happy-Making Food

8 December 2015, Uncategorized

Today was about food – and I found myself thinking back to Swati ‘slow food chef’, Dolores Goddeffrey, and how she said that food is networked to the heart. And walking through the Owino Market in Kampala’s CBD this morning our hearts (and stomachs) were filled to bursting. To get here we had to ditch […]



The Marvels of The Murchison National Park

7 December 2015, Uncategorized

The sun has risen on a beautiful day. Last night we arrived too late to see the beauty of where we were staying, but now that I have I am already anxious at the thought of having to leave. This place is astonishingly gorgeous. We slept in safari tents at a cool little backpacker lodge […]



What A Ride!

6 December 2015, Uncategorized

The sun is barely out today, which is great for driving. We are traveling from Kampala to Uganda’s biggest national park, Murchison Falls. The drive is long and the roads are busy with bikes, blinking by with their riders proudly straddling these machines like knights on their trusty steeds – only the steeds are more […]



Miles and Miles of Nile

5 December 2015, Uncategorized

Since leaving the Sudan, a very large river has become a constantly coming and going companion on our journey. This time around we have re-met the beautiful White Nile in the Ugandan town of Jinja, believed to be the source of the Nile by the Ugandan people.   The Nile river is the life blood […]



Sunrise to Sunset

30 December 2014, Uncategorized

Woke up at 5 am this morning to embark on a 12-hour drive from Victoria Falls to the capital city of Zimbabwe, “H-town” or Harare. The drive is long, children wave to us as we pass while adults look on with curiosity. The roads are straight and often go on for as far as the […]



A Smile

29 December 2014, Uncategorized

It’s one of those slow days. Everyone wants to keep to themselves and just do what they have to do to get through the heat of the day, as the sun reminds us it’s summer. The cars have been unpacked and repacked…it’s important to stay on top of what car has what stuff in it…. […]



Diving in the Red Sea

29 December 2014, Uncategorized

For those of you who don’t know, the Republic of Djibouti is a tiny country located in the horn of Africa. We have spent most of the past week driving so we decided to treat ourselves to a boat ride and a scuba dive to take advantage of the welcomed change of scenery! The waters […]



The Zambezi River

28 December 2014, Uncategorized

As the fourth largest river in Africa, the Zambezi flows through six countries. Surrounded by myth and mysticism, stories of river gods and jesus birds are happily passed on to a willing ear. The river God known as the Nyami-Nyami is said to live in the Zambezi River and control life in and around the […]