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Rugby day Zambia.

31 January 2015, Zambia

African Cup of Nations football fever is all over the continent, but as much as we all love the sports our country plays, we can’t always win. The national Zambian team was recently knocked out of the competition. You could see by the way the kids picked up the ball that they were keen to […]



The President’s Tailor.

30 January 2015, Zambia

Deborah Chuma, AKA Debbiechu, is a young 20 something designer and stylist whose cloths can be found in the wardrobes of many Zambians, young and old. Her vintage and contemporary styles make her a vision of the old block with a flair for what will come tomorrow. We found out about her while eating at […]



Food for the senses

27 January 2015, Zambia

Today we got to spend some time with Lillian Elidah, AKA the Savannah Chef. She is a young, vibrant restauranteur and cook, who has a taste for Afro-fusion cuisine. She’s a proud African woman, but studied in Sweden most of her life learning from culinary masters from around the world. Her dream is to become a […]



The barber, the cook and the tailor

26 January 2015, Zambia

Arriving in Zambia on the day the new president was being inaugurated was like walking into a stadium filled to the brim! The excitement in the air was tangible and the possibilities for Zambia’s future seemed so very bright. They celebrated 50 years of democracy last year, which is ahead of the curve in terms […]