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  • What A Ride!
  • What A Ride!
  • What A Ride!
  • What A Ride!
  • What A Ride!
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Day 57

The sun is barely out today, which is great for driving. We are traveling

from Kampala to Uganda’s biggest national park, Murchison Falls.

The drive is long and the roads are busy with bikes, blinking by with

their riders proudly straddling these machines like knights on their trusty steeds – only the steeds are more often than not weighed down by the knight’s entire family and worldly possessions. I’m reminded for some reason of a classic Senegalese film called Touki Bouki by Djibriel Mambete, which is worth watching if you ever get the chance.

The road is gorgeous and our Discovery 4s make our journey a whole lot easier than it looks for all these bikers – and being a passenger in one, as I am now, allows one the luxury of the space and time I require to muse on the awesome surroundings and take stock of my thoughts.

The journey’s uniqueness and the hustle and bustle of the road is neatly captured, even if I say so myself, within a pic I just snapped…

I looked to my left to see another family on a bike, the little girl sandwiched between her dad, driving, and her smiling mom turned to look back at me just as I was pulling the trigger on my long lens camera.

Unfortunately, her smile fell away before I could click – to be replaced by a look of confused curiosity. This may not have been the exact look I was trying to catch, but never the less it is a moment that will now last forever.

5 hours later, I am still wondering to myself what the lady’s name was and where she and her family were on their way to. Our own excitement in anticipation of reaching our next destination is taking over now and edging them from my mind. What will tomorrow hold? I can’t wait get sleep done

and the awesome game drive awaits us in the morning under way. We’ll also be seeing the legendary falls of course; apparently they are the 2nd most powerful in the world in terms of the force of energy that the massive volume of speeding

water produces.

Adventure awaits… but for now a bit of sleep.

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