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Tag Rugby® runs sports programmes and partners with companies that we feel have the same approach to the development of young people and sport in South Africa and Africa.

How we are involved: Promoting Rugby Development
The Tag Rugby® Association has teamed up with DHL and will to travel to many African countries to create awareness for Tag Rugby® in the build up to the World Cup. The Tag Rugby® Association will be sending our coaches to countries to assist DHL with this programme. Our skilled coaches will be running junior clinics as well as introducing DHL clients to the game. Our clinics take the form of structured lessons, which cover ball skills, exercise, teamwork, Tag Rugby® activities and all clinics end with a Tag Rugby® game. The aim of these Tag Rugby® clinics is to build knowledge about Rugby, connect DHL and their clients and to cultivate an unbreakable team spirit in the DHL staff.

About Tag:
Company Profile Body: The Tag Rugby® Association is a non-profit, public benefit organization registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa and an Associate member of SARU. Tag Rugby® is endorsed by SARU as a grassroots development tool to be used in South Africa and Africa. Working strategically with SARU, Tag Rugby®’s key focus is on increasing the number of rugby players and growing the supporter base for rugby in South Africa.

The Tag Rugby® Association is also proud to have a number of top Springbok players as ambassadors, donating their time to promoting the game and inspiring the youth. All Tag Rugby® belts and ribbons are official SA Rugby® Licensed products. Tag Rugby® is committed to connecting people and cultivating an unbreakable team spirit – both on the sports field and in the hearts of our nation.

Tag Rugby® is a non-contact form of rugby where a tackle is made by pulling a ribbon off the belt of the opponent who has the ball. The game is fast, fun and great for social or corporate team building, and suitable for boys, girls, men and woman of all ages. There are no scrums, line-outs or kicking and beginners can play too!

Visit Tag Rugby® – http://www.tagrugby.co.za

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